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Wood Floors

Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

After a lot of research into wood floor sanding the one thing that concerned our customers most was the amount of dust created by this process.

We can now offer customers of West Yorkshire and beyond the dust free and odour free wood finishing option.

By using the some of the best equipment on the market we will put the life back in to your old tired wooden floors by using water based wood finishing products where possible.

There is very little to no odour.

We can put the life in to just about any wooden floor no matter how big or small, commercial and domestic.

Here’s our 10 steps to a beautiful looking floor;

  • Step 1 –  we make sure all nails are tapped down remove any loose grit and soil and remove door strips.
  • Step 2 – check there is no loose board and secure where necessary .
  • Step 3 –  we start the sanding process with our dust free belt sander if the floor is uneven we will start at a forty five degree angle straightening up till we are happy the floor is even and any indentations are removed where possible. We will then go along the boards going up through 4 or 5 different grits off sand paper till we are happy with the finish.
  • Step 4 – an edger is then used to reach the bits that could not be reached with the belt sander till we are happy of a good finish along the edges.
  • Step 5  – all corners are scraped or sanded.
  • Step 6  – an orbiter sander is then used on the edges to achieve the best finish possible.
  • Step 7  – a rotary machine is then used with a multi hole pad to achieve the smoothest finish possible.
  • Step 8  – A  primer is applied. Once dried the first coat of finish is applied and left to dry till the next day.
  • Step 9 – A rotary is then used  to flat back the floor and create a good surface for the last 2 coates.
  • Step 10 – the last two coats of finish are applied.

Below are before and after pictures of a wood floor kitchen we cleaned.

wood floor sanding leedscleaning wood floors leeds







Contact Mark for your wooden floor enquiries 07545 071446.

For wood floor information please visit our specialist wood website – Wood Floor Sanding Leeds

For stone floor cleaning enquiries, please visit our stone website Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds.

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