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Frequent Carpet Cleaning Questions

We are local, professional commercial carpet cleaners; our aim is to provide the best-possible service in terms of results and customer service. We are often asked questions which we thought would be good to put on our website so that we can provide information for prospective clients and returning clients alike.

These are some of our most frequently asked questions with answers;

Q: How often should a carpet be cleaned?

A:  The leading advice from major carpet manufacturers is that you should have your carpets cleaned between every 6-18 months. There are, of course, other factors that may increase the frequency of carpet cleaning such as pets, young children, smoking habits and areas where soiling conditions are more frequent. Employing a regular deep cleaning specialist removes dirt, bacteria, dust mites, germs and will leave your carpets clean and sanitised.

Q: Will my carpets need cleaning more frequently once I’ve had them professionally cleaned?

A: Some homeowners have been lead to believe that professionally cleaned carpets will re-soil quicker. This fear has stemmed from improper cleaning by individuals that may not have adequately trained their technicians or have used improper cleaning solutions to cut costs. Detergent residues left in the carpet will accelerate re-soiling so an appropriate rinsing process must be employed. Marks Away make sure that separate rinsing steps are completed, removing deep down soil and all traces of detergent; our results are long-lasting and cost-effective.

Q: How soon can I walk on the cleaned carpet?

A: With our Turbo Dry process, your carpets are left dry within an hour in most cases.

Q: Do you provide commercial carpet cleaning services?

A: Yes, our comprehensive carpet cleaning services extend to commercial premises such as offices, hotels, pubs, residential homes and businesses. We work efficiently to complete the carpet cleaning process , keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. We use the best possible environmentally friendly cleaning products and have full Public Liability Insurance with treatment risk, using every possibility to provide prospective clients with reassurance they are dealing with professionals.

Q: Can you fix bleached or faded carpet spots?

A: It is possible that these areas could be spot-dyed; results can vary depending on the carpet fibre and the type of household product used. It is possible that these spots may be permanent but we will always offer advice during our inspection process to determine the appropriate cleaning process for your carpet.

Q: Why do carpets need cleaning?

A: Dust mites, outdoor pollutants, allergens, grease, oil, sand, soil, bacteria and food particles (just to name a few) collect in the fibres of your carpet. Although your carpet acts like a filter to all these contaminants; their ability to do this is dependent on the frequency of deep cleaning. Routine hovering will always help to reduce build-up, but it is only professional cleaning equipment and products that can work to eliminate them; reducing the likelihood of possible health problems associated with these contaminants remaining in your home.

Q: Do my carpets need protecting?

A: Scotchguard carpet protection provides a protective barrier for carpet fibres, resisting moisture and reducing wear. It allows for time before moisture or wetness is absorbed into your carpet, decreasing the probability of staining. Our advice is simple; scrape up solids, blot liquids and take your time. Dab the stained area, rather than rubbing it and try not to over wet the carpet.

If you have any questions please call Mark today on 07545 071446 – our carpet cleaning services page also contains more information about the services and processes we provide.

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