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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Lincoln

By On March 9, 2015 Under Carpet Stain Removal, Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our professional commercial carpet cleaning provides a range of services to match individual requirements. These provisions include carpet cleaning, carpet protection, carpet stain removal and an ongoing maintenance programme.

Commercial carpet cleaner LincolnUnhealthy contaminants inevitably make their way into business carpets and these include dirt, dust mites, allergens, grease, sand, oil, outdoor pollutants, soil, bacteria and food particles. Carpet fibres act as a trap for these, however, the ability to filter over time decreases as it becomes saturated.

This range of contaminants in the workplace can result in health issues for valued staff.

We provide a tailored approach which is determined by the nature of the carpet stains and the type of carpet. Our experience in the trade has allowed us confidence in this area and our skilled technicians will offer information and advice on the routine cleaning to ensure that the deep clean results are long-lasting.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning LincolnOnce deep-cleaned, a full carpet protection service is offered for dust mite elimination and anti-stain defence. This effectively works as an invisible shield around the carpet fibres; this protective coating works to repel water and soiling. Spills can more-easily be removed and the carpet is better protected against wear, abrasion and matting.

We take great pride in the knowledge we have to best-select the appropriate cleaning products and techniques to deep clean carpets in the fastest possible time. Our results are unrivalled and we offer peripheral services to clean business upholstery and rugs.

Carpets are left hygienically clean and both employees and visitors are offered positive re-enforcement that you care about the appearance of your business. If you would like to arrange a quotation we invite you to call our helpful staff on 0845 4599941.

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