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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Specialists Leeds

Deep Clean Carpet Service using high powered truck mounted system

We offer a six-stage freshwater extraction process for really deep cleaning carpets:

  • carpet cleaning leedsInspection to determine appropriate cleaning process for your carpet
  • Vacuum to remove as much dry soil as possible before freshwater extraction process. This prevents soil being pushed down only to re-emerge when the carpet dries
  • Pre-spray using our environmentally friendly and safe micro splitting agent
  • Agitation with the ENVIRODRI system which gently pushes the micro splitting agent down into the carpet to loosen dirt and grime clinging on to your carpet
  • Water Extraction – We use a very powerful Truck mounted unit to spray a fine mist of water on to your carpet or upholstery. Then the machine’s very powerful  vacuum  will suck up the cleaning solution from your carpet leaving nothing behind
  • Turbo Dry which leaves your carpet dry within an hour in most cases.

Professional carpet cleaning services need to be tailored specifically to get the best possible results. Time-served experience and knowledge allows Marks Away to provide this with confidence.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Service – using the ENVIRODRI cleaning system

For clients who need carpets to be in service almost immediately, we offer a dry carpet cleaning service. The innovative and environmentally friendly Envirodri or Bonnet system.

upholstery cleaning leedsCommercial Upholstery Cleaning Service

We are professional carpet cleaners work to the internationally accepted IICRC S300 Standard for upholstery cleaning.

We will conduct an initial survey to determine the materials and nature of dyes used in your upholstery;

  • Thorough vacuuming to remove dust and surface dirt
  • Application of low moisture cleaning agent. Any spots or stains will be treated accordingly
  • Gentle agitation by the specially designed brushes of the Esprit to loosen dirt and grime
  • Immediate extraction of the dirt embedded foam by built in vacuum system

Where appropriate, we will offer our Hot Water Extraction System where we will:

  • carpet cleaning leedsVacuum fabric or upholstery
  • Pre-spray with environmentally friendly and safe micro splitter to break down dirt
  • Agitate by hand
  • Use hot water extraction process
  • Turbo dry

Access to your home is not a problem – if we cant get in your property with the truckmount we also have powerful portable machines.

For your FREE no-obligation quotation call us on 07545 071446 or 0845 4599941 or e-mail Mark to discuss home commercial carpet cleaning or office carpet cleaning requirements.

For all your hard floor cleaning needs please visit www.naturalstonecleaningleeds.com

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